7 etiquettes to follow while dating a London escort

London escorts are sheer magic. With looks to kill, these stunning hotbods are no less than angels on earth. As an escort takes great care to please and pamper you- a little effort is needed from you as well to make things special for you both.

They are not just beautiful but also extremely smart and caring. The ravishing London escorts will sweep you to the seventh heaven of ecstasy when you are looking to relax after a long tiring day. However, there are some basic etiquettes that all men should follow while dating London escorts.



  • Respect the lady


A London escort is extremely professional and committed to her job just as you are to yours. Just because she is willing to give you her time, does not mean you can take her for granted. In fact, you should be grateful to the fact that such lovely ladies have agreed to accompany you when you are feeling lonely and bored. So, always treat your escort with respect and courtesy.


  • Finalise the date properly


You should take into account the convenience of the escort while scheduling the date. Call her and have a clear discussion about the day, time and venue. Decide beforehand if it’s going to be an incall or outcall service. You have to make two more calls before the date- one a day before the date and another on the day of the date while you are setting out to met her.


  • Be punctual


This is one of the most crucial things to keep in mind while dating an escort.

Escorts are busy professionals. You can’t keep her waiting for long or prolong your date with her without her permission. Make sure to reach the scheduled venue at the scheduled time. If you are somehow unable to meet her at the set time- inform her in advance. If you are unable to meet her on the day at all due to unavoidable circumstances, you may request for another date at a convenient time. But in no way, you should force her to squeeze out time for you.


  • Stay clean & groom yourself


Your London escort will always take great care to deck up for you. While you don’t need to be in perfect formals- you can at least take care of minimal basic grooming for yourself. Trim your nails and shave/trim your beard. Get a refreshing shower before you go out to meet her. Don’t forget a whiff of cologne and always wear nice clean clothes. But above everything, you have to put your best manners forward.


  • Don’t force her


This is another very important tip every man should keep in mind while dating an escort.

You should always stick to the services that were agreed upon beforehand. If you have something more in mind, discuss that before you meet. In no condition, should you force your escort to do something that she is not comfortable with. There should not be any sign of disrespect in your behaviour towards her.

You may wish to try out something new with her as you start getting comfortable on your date with your escort. In that case, tell her politely about your sudden urge.  If she agrees, nothing can be better. But if she doesn’t, make peace with whatever you are getting.


  • Pay her as soon as you meet


This is an unwritten rule in the escort industry. Clients are required to pay the moment they meet the escort. You too should follow the same etiquette.

However, you should not ever haggle with the rate. Our rates at Abella Escorts are extremely reasonable. There are several packages to choose from as per your budget and interests. You are sure to find a package best suited for your needs and pocket.

And, please don’t just hand over raw cash to your escort. The best way is to wrap the notes in a proper clean envelope while giving them to her.


  • Don’t get expensive gifts


London escorts are strict professionals. While they will always leave a lasting memory for you after a date- they cannot form any kind of attachment with you. Likewise, for your own good, you too should not expect any sort of emotional attachment with your escort. Thus, it’s advised not to buy any expensive gift for your escort. Pricey special gifts are binding and your escort won’t be comfortable to accept those.

However, if you still wish to gift her something out of courtesy, a lovely bunch of flowers will do.

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